cruel, blunt, unstable,
and totally worth it

Name's Dean. lesbian. female. depressed and socially awkward and emotionally retarded. I think I might kill myself before high school ends. adopted the 'dean winchester coping mechanism'. Supernatural. The Walking Dead. Doctor Who. Suits. Southland. Teen Wolf. Psych. Arrow. HIMYM. Destiel. Sabriel. Marvey. Sterek. Rickyl. Led Zeppelin. Def Leppard. Guns 'N Roses. Creedence Clearwater Revival. Motley Crue. My Chemical Romance. Blink-182. Avenged Sevenfold. Insert other bands. Cherry flavored lip-gloss.


remember in 2012 when that lady tried restoring that painting of jesus


you fight it. you don’t give up. and one day you just change.


You put yourself right between the killing thing’s teeth, but you don’t give it the power to—





There’s a difference between a female character who exists in a story and has a romantic relationship with a male character versus a female character who exists in a story to have a romantic relationship with a male character

rose tyler vs river song


Dumb Librarian!Cas + Mechanic!Dean comic

make me choose: anonymous asked me Sterek or Stydia?


But I do get inspired by people who seem to really live the example that their trying to set. There are several people in my life who have been that kind of example. When I was nine I had a lot of paper routes…..On one of my paper routes was this guy Mr. H who owned the radio station in town. And one day when I was collecting payment at the end of the week, Mr. H came out and introduced himself to me and my younger brother was coming along with me. And for some reason we chatted for a minute and he somehow learned we didn’t live with my father that I was being raised by a single mother. And he had this sort of ached look on his face. He’s an old man, he’s about 70 at that point and the reason he had that sort of down trotted look was because he had for a long time been a surrogate father to a lot of young boys who didn’t have dads around. Um and he’d given it up, because it had been too much work for him, but then he saw us and was like, “Uh, I have to do this again don’t I?” And then he was so unbelievably sweet and generous with us. He tried to teach us Chinese; we’d go over to his little workshop couple times a week and he taught us how to wire electric motors and how to make little balsa wood boats. He would take us out to eat at restaurants which we didn’t have money for with our mom, so it was always this really special treat for us. It was just such a generous and meaningful act. He never asked for anything in return. We moved to another county we didn’t see him much for about a year and stopped by to give him some Christmas presents. His wife came to the door and he had passed away…but it was such a generous act to basically a stranger. So I took inspiration from him and he served as a grandfather to us for several years. I like stuff like that.[x]


Season four.


Season four.